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What is Quidity?

At Quidity, we focus on two very specific and powerful cash flow engineering tools that can make a significant impact on the growth and success of small businesses.

Quidity is a groundbreaking financial platform, offering a dynamic and flexible cash flow solution perfectly blended with a personalized partnership. Our financial experts dedicate themselves to understanding your unique business needs, ensuring that our line of credit solution, crafted by skilled cash flow engineers, is not only affordable but also conducive to fostering profitability. At its core, Quidity provides on-demand capital tailored to your business's rhythm.


Quidity introduces a line of credit product recognized for its competitive pricing within the industry. Our specialization extends to sectors often overlooked by traditional line of credit providers. We are proud to service a diverse array of industries



Quidity introduces a line of credit product recognized for its competitive pricing within the industry. Our line of credit platform gives you access to cash on demand with the flexibility of choosing your terms.

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Our SBA Microloan program is a $50,000 Microloan that is backed by the SBA and amortized over 10 years. This Microloan can be used for Working Capital or equipment. This Microloan can be combined with our Line of Credit ...

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Why People Choose Quidity

Tailored Financial Solutions

Quidity is not just a line of credit; it's a customizable financial tool

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Competitive Pricing Structure

In a market where financial services often come with high costs, Quidity stands out

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Expertise in Diverse Industries

Quidity specializes in servicing a wide range of industries, many of which are typically underserved by traditional lenders

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Strong Partnership with Mount Irvine Capital Group

As a division of Mount Irvine Capital Group LLC, Quidity benefits from the robust backing and extensive experience

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Words From Our Customers
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Got Any Questions?
1 What exactly is Quidity and how does it differ from traditional lines of credit?
Quidity is a dynamic line of credit solution designed to offer flexible and affordable financial support to businesses. Unlike traditional lines of credit, Quidity focuses on creating tailored solutions that align with your unique cash flow needs, facilitated by a personal relationship with a dedicated financial partner who understands your business.
2 Which industries does Quidity specifically cater to?
Quidity services a broad spectrum of industries, with a special focus on sectors often overlooked by conventional lenders. This includes construction, logistics, trucking, real estate, used car dealerships, oil and gas servicing, engineering firms, professional services, and distribution companies, among others.
3 What are the benefits of choosing Quidity for my business?
Choosing Quidity means benefiting from competitively priced financial solutions, customized to meet your specific business needs. Our clients enjoy the flexibility of on-demand capital access, expertise in a variety of industries, and the robust support of Mount Irvine Capital Group, ensuring a comprehensive approach to managing and growing your business’s financial health.
4 How can I apply for Quidity's line of credit?
Currently, applications for Quidity's line of credit can only be made through our network of referral partners and brokers. This ensures that you receive personalized service and a financial solution that best fits your business needs. To start the process, please contact one of our authorized partners or reach out to us for a referral to a trusted broker in your industry.
5 Are there specific requirements my business must meet to qualify for Quidity?
Yes, Quidity has certain eligibility criteria to ensure that our financial solutions are a good fit for your business. These requirements vary based on the industry and the specific financial needs of your business. We recommend contacting one of our referral partners or brokers, who can provide detailed information based on your unique business profile.